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Introducing the market leading

TUFTAC is a ductile iron manhole cover and frame, which is inset with an industry unique, special mastic asphalt (MA) formulation.

Skid Resistant Manhole Covers

The ductile iron cover and frame are designed to pass the statutory highway loading requirements but unlike convention ductile iron covers that have a dangerously low skid resistance, the MA surface has a high skid resistance at least equal to the surrounding road surface.  

The ironwork has passed independently conducted D400 load testing both filled and unfilled.

Key Features

Devon County Council has tested the MA infill for skid resistance with various surface dressings giving great results equal to road surface values

It is BS EN124 D400 accredited.

The cover can be supplied filled or can be filled on site, the surface can be finished to complement the surrounding surface characteristics, no more grip, no less!

The MA infill can be supplied in many colours to match adjacent road colours.

The MA infill is carbon neutral and can be fully recycled.

The MA infill can be resurfaced when worn, however MA is famous for its good wear characteristics.

The cover features a non-rocking three point suspension design.

Patented design.

Currently available as a 600 x 600 x 100 deep or 150 deep unit, but 675 x 675 and 1220 x 675 in 100 or 150 deep options arriving soon.